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In case you missed it, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough recently appeared on "The Rebel Capitalist" with real estate investor, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed macroeconomics addict George Gammon. Among other things, they discussed the outdated nature of the 60/40 portfolio.

In the insightful clip above, McCullough explains this tactic’s inherent flaws and suggests investors adopt a more thoughtful approach to their portfolio.

“Let’s just make it real simple, 60/40 is a static position,” explains McCullough. “Everything we are trying to invest in—the economy, markets, asset allocations—all are non-linear and dynamic. Why would you have a static solution for something that is non-linear and dynamic?”

Click here to watch the whole interview.

Keith McCullough On Rebel Capitalist: Forget The '60/40' Investment Portfolio - market brief