Takeaway: We hosted a call today with an ex-employee of DoorDash to discuss the restaurant delivery competitive environment.

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Speaker bio:

Michael Assoian spent five years as a manager at DoorDash in merchant strategy and sales operations. He has spent his whole career helping restaurant companies adopt new technologies.

Among the topics we discussed were:

  • How did COVID-19 impact the operations of delivery companies?
  • Has there been a pull forward of demand of restaurant partners?
  • Have the restaurant delivery companies changed their merchant growth models?
  • The importance of scale in the industry.
  • Was there anything the competitors to DoorDash could have done to have slowed its growth?
  • The profitability of the different business models in the industry.
  • How does "Pay to Play" affect the customer experience?
  • The implications of California's Proposition 22.
  • The political implications of a Biden-Harris victory.