Market share trends in Florida (TCNNF, CURLF, GTBIF)

The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) releases updated cannabis data every Friday.

For the week ending October 1st, the number of qualified patients in Florida’s medical marijuana program grew 0.8% WoW or 41.0% YTD to 424,224 qualified patients with active ID cards. Demand for THC spiked 18.8% WoW with THC in mgs sold growing to 145.9 million mgs – this marks the highest amount of THC in mgs sold since the medical marijuana program’s incipience. Trulieve drove the powerful results with 54.8% share of THC in mgs sold, several percentage points higher than its 4WMA. CBD in mgs sold declined -3.6% WoW to 3.6 million mgs, and flower in oz. sold fell -4.3% WoW to 43,885 oz. sold. Trulieve and AltMed Florida were both approved for dispensary locations, bringing the statewide total to 278 approved dispensing locations.

On a 12WMA, Trulieve’s THC in mgs sold per dispensing location registered little change, while Curaleaf jumped by 308 bps. In terms of flower on a 12WMA, Trulieve declined by -239 bps. On a 4WMA, maintains a disproportionate market share, with 51.1% share of mgs THC sold, 35.6% of mgs CBD sold, and 51.7% of oz. in flower sold just 21.3% share of dispensing locations. 

Florida’s medical marijuana marketplace is still in early stages with strong potential – the state’s medical marijuana program has yet to reach 2% of the population, edibles were just introduced to the market in August, and there’s a broad range of qualifying medical conditions, notably ‘severe and chronic pain.’ The rising tide that is patient volume growth lifts all ships.

Cannabis Insights | Florida market data (TCNNF), U.S. employment, and WV (CCHWF) - Slide1

Cannabis Insights | Florida market data (TCNNF), U.S. employment, and WV (CCHWF) - Slide3

Cannabis Insights | Florida market data (TCNNF), U.S. employment, and WV (CCHWF) - Slide2

250,000 American employees in legal cannabis

According to, roughly a quarter of a million are employed by the legal U.S. cannabis industry, either full-time or part-time. The recreational markets of California, Colorado, and Washington rank as the states with the most cannabis employees. The number of employees in these markets is expected to grow, as the industry has experienced tremendous growth during the pandemic, and there is a strong chance that several states may legalize either recreational or medical marijuana come this November.

West Virginia announces medical cannabis growers (CCHWF)

The West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) has announced eight successful applicants for the state's first medical cannabis grower permits. Columbia Care is the only public MSO issued one of the first eight cultivation licenses. These permit holders will cultivate medical cannabis plants before sending them for processing into allowable patient use forms. The allowable forms for patient use include Pill, Oil, Topical (including gel, cream, and ointments), Plant form for Vaporization/Nebulization, Tincture, Liquid, and Dermal Patch.

“This is an important step in the process to make medical cannabis available to West Virginians with serious medical conditions and will generate economic activity throughout West Virginia,” said Jason Frame, Director of the OMC. “We continue to work toward a goal of providing eligible West Virginia residents the ability to procure quality-tested medical cannabis.”

The OMC will move forward with the scoring of processor and dispensary applications, with the next step, to begin issuing patient cards in Spring 2021.