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Earlier this week, Abbott (ABT) announced the availability of a rapid COVID test with high specificity and selectivity that should help deploy testing programs likely to help control disease spread.  Additionally, Moderna (MRNA) reported positive new data on their own vaccine.  The world continues to look forward to the FDA vaccine meeting scheduled for October and the possible end, or beginning of the end, of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The ABT news hit testing companies particularly hard, but the news had us thinking, perhaps wistfully, about the end of COVID and the specific impact to a few of our names.

On Monday’s Health Care Webcast, we will cover:

  • EXAS Outlook, Claims Data  | This past week $EXAS traded down as a part of the post-COVID sell off, calling into focus the benefits of Cologuard versus colonoscopy once a vaccine is present and available. Within our claims data, the trend has recovered to ~80% of pre-COVID for Cologuard, but Genomic Health’s recovery has been less robust.  
  • ONEM Back in the Office | The flu vaccine is likely to be in high demand this winter as many will want to avoid playing “Is It COVID?”  One of the headwinds ONEM faced during the pandemic was the lost revenue of substituting a telemedicine visit for in person care, a lot of which is vaccinations.  This flu season, we expect a higher number of patients will be scheduling in-person appointments to get their flu vaccine, and perhaps, if we are all very fortunate, a COVID-19 vaccine as well.
  • TXG Utilization & Backlog | We spoke to the head of a research institute that specializes in single cell sequencing.  Our takeaway is that there is a very robust ramp ahead for TXG, and while COVID has kept many scientists shut out of their labs (and from using TXG equipment and consumables), the grant awards keep piling up, building a very reliable looking backlog.

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