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Cannabis Insights | Colorado Sales & D.C. Legalization Initiatives  - 8 14 2020 9 54 31 AM

Colorado Has Record Adult-Use Sales In June

Recreational sales in Colorado hit a record high in June, at $158.1M, growing 6% MoM and 29% YoY. At $40.7M, medical sales decreased -5% MoM but grew 37% YoY.

Combined, recreational and medical marijuana sold was $198.1M.  YTD, total sales in Colorado are closing in on the $1B mark, with medical marijuana comprising 21% and recreational making up 79% of YTD total sales.

Cannabis Insights | Colorado Sales & D.C. Legalization Initiatives  - fr1

a New Initiative To Legalize IN D.C.

Legalization activists recently filed a ballot initiative in D.C., titled the “New Modern Day Cannabis Justice Reform Act,” to legalize marijuana sales in the nation’s capital.

The measure proposes to: cease and desist all levels, investigations, prosecutions regarding cannabis; make unlawful search, seizure, and arrest based on probable cause that indicates the presence of cannabis products; persons currently arrested or previously  convicted for cannabis products shall be expunged.

The proposal has yet to collect enough valid signatures for the ballot.