I am floored by the list below showing the top 10 NBA Jerseys in China ranked by sales in ‘07/’08. Nike has only 40% share of the top 10 NBA jerseys sold in China over the past year. 40% might seem respectable -- -but not when Nike/Jordan and Converse collectively have 90% share of the basketball footwear market in the US.
  • Just as alarming for Nike is that the other 60% is held by AdiBok. Kobe is Nike, which is nice given his #1 slot. LBJ is too, but he’s #7. Not good. Paul Pierce (Nike) is an amazing player, but does not connect with US consumers. Wade is Converse (Nike sub). But Garnett, McGrady, Iverson, Howard, Arenas and Yao? They’re all AdiBok.
  • Basketball has been the single most impenetrable franchise inside Nike. To say that Nike’s Asian sales and marketing team is feeling massive pressure to face this challenge is an understatement. Nike does not like to lose. But so far, it is losing…
  • With 10 out of 11 US players on the US Olympic team donning the swoosh, let’s hope the team makes a lasting impression in Beijing.
Nike's better hope that NBA Jersey sales don't lead basketball footwear market share in China.
40% Nike, 60% AdiBok.