Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from Thursday's edition of The Macro Show hosted by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

China Is Signaling #Quad4 - 04.16.2018 Shanghai low  1


Did you trust the numbers? Did you not trust the numbers? Or did you just stay with the process?

The first thing I’d point you to, is stay away from a “revised methodology.”

We did not revise the methodology in measuring and mapping the risk of China. We’ve talked about this throughout the week.

  • The 10 Year Yield in China continues to signal Quad 4
  • The Chinese Yuan continues to signal Quad 4
  • The Shanghai Comp as an index signaled Quad 4 (down over 70 basis points overnight). It's confirming bearish trend.  

It’s the particular thing in risk management that matters. It’s the particular moment and the particular spot by which risk goes on.

This is ON with China. We have China in Quad 4 in Q2.

China Is Signaling #Quad4 - 2 13 2020 10 29 42 AM