Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from today's edition of The Macro Show hosted by CEO Keith McCullough.

Our #ChinaSlowing Call Has Never Been About Trade - China cartoon 04.14.2014

No deal!

Another day after another failed “trade deal” where the Chinese (South China Morning Post) are accusing the USA of “trying to colonize China’s economy.” What could possibly go wrong?

We’re going to have this conversation over and over again. 

If you chose to believe the US media and the politicized view of this that everything is getting better with the promise of “another meeting” then good luck. But there is only one thing certain right now. There is absolutely no deal.

Dr. Copper has seen this coming for some time now. Look here and follow the trend.

Our #ChinaSlowing Call Has Never Been About Trade - 9 23 2019 11 11 08 AM

The equity markets in Shanghai didn’t like the statement that the US is trying to “colonize the [Chinese] economy.” That’s a really specific word for a really specific view. It’s a way of separating the Chinese from any supposed deal even further.

The Hang Seng continued to #crash (down another -0.8% overnight after a -3.4% down week, taking its crash to -20.9% from where China started slowing at the end of 2017).

Our #ChinaSlowing Call Has Never Been About Trade - 9 23 2019 11 11 29 AM

Unlike those Old Wall experts – who are “experts” in everything they have never studied, mapped, or measured – we have been bearish on China since the last quarter of 2017. Slowing growth in China has nothing to do with the trade deal.

It’s the cycle and you should stick to that.

(For more insight and analysis, check out the video below between Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and Policy analyst JT Taylor)