Our Technology analyst Ami Joseph first revealed one of his short ideas, Slack Technologies (WORK) in a presentation to institutional subscribers. As you can see below, he issued his original call on June 21st. Shares of Slack have fallen considerably since it was added to his list.

FLASHBACK | 25% Downside for Slack $WORK - zba

FLASHBACK | 25% Downside for Slack $WORK - zami

One of the arguments he made was that Slack is missing a key component in its product that makes it live up to its ticker name.

“They’ve told us their ambition. Their ticker is WORK. It doesn’t make sense based on what Slack is today,” Joseph explains in the clip below.

“The term ‘Where Work Happens’ doesn’t make sense to describe Slack today. They want to be this productivity tool, but they’re missing something.”

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