Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from today's edition of The Macro Show hosted by CEO Keith McCullough

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McCullough: Do I even need to translate the chart below? I’d say that it looks like hell.

This Chart Looks Rancid - 9 3 2019 10 53 30 AM

If you sold last week on every single lift, every single lower high, every single point of fake news associated with trade deal "progress," then congratulations. Well done.

On the other hand, if you have the FOMO because you’re chasing stocks on no volume last week, please remember this: hope is not a risk management process. The rest of the world continues to agree.

This Chart Looks Rancid - 9 3 2019 10 06 02 AM

Now take a good look at that table above.

If the number is lower than the prior month, it is color-coded red. China continues to slow on an ongoing basis with a new low for their PMI. Meanwhile, India and the United Kingdom’s PMI remains in the red as well. It's just rancid.  

Like major Asian Equity Indexes (KOSPI, Hang Seng); Dr. Copper wasn’t drawn into the #fakenews of “trade progress.” As a result, it's crashing to new cycle lows. It's down -1.7% this morning at $2.50 a pound.

Reality check. It's been a terrible month to be long of anything Quad 4. Take a look at Energy. It was down over 8% in the month versus something like Utilities and Treasuries which were both up.

This Chart Looks Rancid - 9 3 2019 10 25 07 AM

So if you're scratching your head wondering why our subscribers are so happy ... all they have to do is execute the process. I'm surprised that no other great hedge fund managers are long gold silver, platinum against short emerging markets.

Why didn’t someone have that idea? Why is there a surplus of hedge fund managers and geniuses but an under supply of return? It's because what you’re doing and we're doing is different. We're proud of that.