How do you know when the top is in? Or when a market is bottoming?

Investors are seeking answers to those questions every day. As Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explains in the clip above, while tops and bottoms don’t always line up perfectly with the economic data, our repeatable, risk-management process is better at recognizing those market turns than most.

“Tops and bottoms are pretty easy to identify in my process as a series of lower highs is a topping process and a series higher lows is a bottoming process,” McCullough explains on The Macro Show.

“In the bottoming process in gold, for example…as the economic cycle was peaking, gold was pretty much on time in saying, ‘I’m done making lower lows,” in August [2018]. What does gold like? Lower real interest rates. Where do interest rates go? They go directionally where growth is going.”

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McCullough: How I Identify Market Tops (And Bottoms) - early look