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Dr. Harald Malmgren joins host Daryl Jones in our 15th installment of In The Arena. Dr. Malmgren is a scholar, Ambassador, and international negotiator. He has held many esteemed positions including senior aide to U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford, and to U.S. Senators Abraham A. Ribicoff and Russell B. Long.

This is a conversation you can't afford to miss!

 Dr. Malmgren and Daryl discussed a variety of important topics including:

  • Likely outcomes of the Trade Wars and major economical impacts
  • Risk for a totalitarian leader in the U.S. (our checks and balances in Washington are at risk)
  • Is China as powerful as people tend to think?
  • Favorite investment strategy and best ideas right now
  • Fragmentation of world order
  • The most significant risk facing the U.S. this century

Below is a sneak peak to what Dr. Malmgren discussing the concern for totalitarian leader in the U.S.

“I'll tell you what my underlying worry is. He [President Donald Trump] is pushing the outer limits of the envelope. Internationally, by being disruptive, he leaves everybody else without a reference point. The U.S. was for so many years the reference point for what they did. They either went along with it or against it or partially with it. Domestically, he is also pushing the envelope and the powers of the presidency, challenging the right of Congress to interfere with what he wants to do and taking actions that are inconsistent with the history of the Constitution. It's manageable because Congress is pushing back to some extent, but he is opening the way for a different kind of leader in the future. And my concern is that the next leader, whether it's a Leftist Democrat who's worried about inequality of wealth or a or right leaning Republican who wants to consolidate the  conservative move -  there's room there for more totalitarian successor. We're at strange moment in history where the checks and balances of Washington are risk.”

Dr. Malmgren reviewed his investing outlook including specific countries, sectors and tickers.

“If I had to pick one sector, that's really going to experience explosive growth if it's military hardware.”

Daryl and Mr. Marlmgren talked about the future of the global economy.

“I think everybody is underestimating the fundamentals here. Global growth is going to be much slower for a while than it used to be. And since 2008 we are not quite growing fast enough to absorb all the capacity of companies, like Caterpillar and the industrial production apparatus of Europe and the U.S. in the automotive sector, all of the manufacturing aside, was too big. And it’s increasing in size, but the demand is not there. So now we're going to have a capital spending slump in industrial areas for several years.”

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