Watch the replay below as Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin and Health Policy analyst Emily Evans review their sector's current Position Monitor and more! 

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  • Position Monitor Updates - DVA down and SGRY and CERN removed.
  • Machine Learning - We’re developing machine learning techniques to expand our toolkit for measuring “what’s in the stock” for our current positions, as well as screen for new ideas.
  • Davita Inc (DVA) - Despite maintaining 2019 Guidance, there are significant caveats. What the end of a roll-up looks like continues to reveal itself.
  • DexCom, Inc. (DXCM) - Growth is good but unlikely to be durable, particularly as they split new patient market share with ABT’s Freestyle Libre.
  • EXACT Sciences Corporation (EXAS) - Adoption curves are durable, upside case may be baked in in the near term. Is stalking the long term a credible threat?
  • Live Q&A