Takeaway: Focus on buying the right sectors within the stock market.

A lot of misguided people and financial pundits are simplistically focused on what "stocks" are doing. As if that means anything.

Instead of recognizing that many distinctions exist between respective indices and sectors, they are myopically focused on a generalized, one-size-fits-all notion of "stocks."

Turn on CNBC any day of the week and you'll soon see what we are referring to.

Reminder → Buy Sectors, Not "Stocks" - z 10.16.2018 CNBC cartoon

Our team of analysts is focused upon which Quadrant we are in and which sectors perform best (and worst) within each respective Quad.

Here's an excerpt from the clip below where Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explains this in greater detail.

“We don’t talk about stocks.

You know, ‘What are stocks gonna do? Am I out or am I in?’

That’s what a Neanderthal does.

What we want to do is buy the right sectors within the stock market.

And there’s always a group of sectors that we want to buy, depending on what quadrant we are in.”

click below to watch the 1-minute clip