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Missed it? Watch the replay!

Earlier today Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin was in the studio reviewing important updates to his Position Monitor and discussing some recent events.

CLICK HERE to access the associated slides.


UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH) reports earnings tomorrow morning, but the earnings release and conference call will be overshadowed by questions on the rebate policy changes that sent the stock reeling last week. The debate has moved quickly from “it won’t happen” to “it doesn’t matter” to “this is concerning.” The arithmetic is easy but the numbers are hard to get, and we think as investors do the work, the consensus narrative is going to see this as we do, as a big time negative.

How does Medical Spending behave in a Recession?

Recession fears are rising as consensus has moved toward the Hedgeye Macro Quad 3 outlook that calls for slowing economic growth. While the negative consequences are straightforward for other sectors and industries, the U.S. Medical Economy is a separate thing altogether and can behave in strange ways.

Tom will be live next Monday, April 22nd with Health Policy analyst Emily Evans at 10:00AM ET, don't forget to tune in.