• Reality Check: Why The "Millennial Boom" Won’t Save The U.S. Economy

    World-renowned demographer Neil Howe explains why Wall Street’s optimists should prepare for a “grim” U.S. economic outlook. Read the report free.

Right now, a lot of investors are scared they will miss a major move to the upside, despite the data in front of them indicating the opposite is more probable to occur.

As Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough recounts from two days of meeting with institutional investors in New York City this week, even some hedge fund pros can freak out that they’re missing the next bull market.

“As always is the case, institutions are living in fear of the upside, not protecting to the downside,” McCullough explains.

“That’s what happens at the end of a bull market. People still say, ‘Wow, I’m going to miss buying this.’”

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McCullough: Investors Live in Fear of Missing Bull Market - early look