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The first internship on Wall Street was pretty humble beginnings. I think if I remember correctly, 3 or 4 of us lived in a one bedroom apartment that summer. I was about to start my first job, you were doing your first internship, and at one point we were out for beers with Tiger Williams and he literally sat us down with a napkin diagramming how Wall Street actually works like 'this is the sell-side and this is the buy-side'…” – "In The Arena" host Daryl Jones


PODCAST: In The Arena Episode 1 – Daryl Jones & Keith McCullough  - Slide1
We are excited to bring you our brand new podcast Hedgeye: In The Arena.

Our Director of Sales Daryl Jones will be your personal tour guide into the world of Hedgeye and the investing world beyond. This first podcast offers an inside glimpse into our "locker room," our failures, our wins, and most importantly, our investment processes.

In this this inaugural installment, Daryl is joined by his old friend, Hedgeye Founder and CEO Keith McCullough. This dynamic duo travel back in time to discuss cut-off jean shorts,  how Hedgeye was created, investing mistakes and the critical importance of macro.

We think you will enjoy it! Keep your eyes (and ears) open, as we will be releasing a new podcast every other Tuesday morning.  

Listen to the first episode HERE.