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Takeaway: Risk happens slowly at first. Then all at once.

Key Market Callouts From Keith McCullough This Morning  - zpo

Below are some key callouts from Keith McCullough on Twitter this morning.

around the world

  • CHINA: stocks bounce +0.9% post the -5.2% smackdown Thursday and remain in crash mode, -26.8% since Global Growth peaked in JAN
  • JAPAN: stocks bounce but only +0.46% for the Nikkei post a -3.9% decline Thursday
  • GERMANY: +0.6% on the DAX bounce off bombed out lows
  • LONDON: stocks only +0.55% on the bounce

The # of PMs and people on Old Wall TV that were pushing "Buy Europe" over a year ago today haven't been held to account

GOLD: after a big bear market bounce day, falls -0.5% this morning - watching this closely. At a point I'll go bullish.

Bottoms are processes, not points

UST 10yr Yield = 3.17% after starting the week at 3.23% and tapping 3.26% at the top-end of the @Hedgeye Risk Range

Key Market Callouts From Keith McCullough This Morning  - early look