• Reality Check: Why The "Millennial Boom" Won’t Save The U.S. Economy

    World-renowned demographer Neil Howe explains why Wall Street’s optimists should prepare for a “grim” U.S. economic outlook. Read the report free.

Bond bears beware – the data is out to get you.

Last week’s inflation reports were lower than Wall Street expected. If we’re right on inflation, this could be the beginning of a very bad trend for investors betting on rising interest rates. Our subscribers are prepared.

If you’re just waking up now to our call on Inflation’s Peak, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and Macro analyst Darius Dale have a warning for anyone who’s short bonds. Our inflation forecasts suggest headline inflation could slip under 2% by 1Q19 – far below consensus estimates.

“There are too many bond bears out there for a one-handle on CPI six months from now,” Dale says in the clip above.

“That’ll feel horrible for bond bears,” adds McCullough.

Watch the full clip above for more.

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