If you want to get up to speed on our market calls, below are the top 6 most popular videos on Hedgeye.com in the past month. 

1. McCullough: The Market Is Getting Ready To Rotate

“This is why the market is starting to signal lower highs on the 10-year yield,” Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explains in the clip below from The Macro Show. “The market is getting ready to rotate.”

2. McCullough: Why the Dollar Has Strengthened

“When the world slows, or you have global divergences, the world flows away from what they were speculating on,” McCullough explains in the clip below. “And when there’s a globally synchronized recovery, the number one loser is the U.S. dollar.”

3. McCullough: Don't Be 'Ideologically Wed' To Bitcoin

There are plenty of strong opinions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency all over the internet. But if you follow the Hedgeye process, even Bitcoin can (and should) be traded dispassionately.

4. McCullough: #EuropeSlowing Is ‘Just Getting Started’

There’s plenty of data to support that the problems in Europe are just getting started. Central planning and bailouts won’t change anything. “These guys aren’t going to save us every day from economic gravity,” McCullough says in the above clip. “This isn’t over yet. This is just getting started.”

5. McCullough: The Ripple Effects of China’s Slowdown

Analysts at Hedgeye have been warning about #ChinaSlowing for six months now. With the world’s second-largest economy beginning to slow, it was bound to adversely affect markets in its orbit.

6. McCullough: Credit Looks Different Now Than Before '08 Crash

Almost ten years have come and gone since the 2008 financial crisis. Back then, credit markets collapsed in part triggering global economic collapse.

Right now, the U.S. economy continues to suggest that it is late in this cycle. So can history repeat itself? The answer lies in measuring and mapping debt service ratios, says Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. The change in credit growth versus the change in debt service ratios is not in the “danger zone” like it was before the crash.

6 Must-See Videos: From Europe & China Slowing to Bitcoin Crashing - market brief