• Global ‘Black Hole’ Risk Rising: A Discussion With Danielle DiMartino Booth

    Former Fed advisor Danielle DiMartino Booth discusses key economic developments and the outlook for Fed rate cuts with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.


Key sentiment callouts from investor meetings over the past two days.

  • NKE: people think it’s a short today. Don’t go there before it beats the quarter. ADS interest is waning – not for me.
  • I got my first interest in Puma, a name I am incrementally positive on. Ditto for Kering.
  • TPR  – people buying into the non-consensus licensing angle, but by and large think it is too small and too long dated. They’ll be wrong on that.
  • “If TPR works, KORS will work more.” Yes it should work, but not more. Not the same licensing optionality at KORS.
  • UA hot topic, people net bullish on margin opportunity – prob right near term but for wrong reasons.
  • Auto parts net bearish vs. last time I was in Boston last month – except AZO – which I find puzzling. I’m more bearish there.
  • KSS company talked down the quarter over the last two weeks. There’s your stock weakness.
  • Little interest in HBI short as the view appears to be that the stock is too washed out to revisit the short here – I disagree.
  • Incremental interest in our long VFC call, which is interesting given that maybe three people have called me on it since we upped it to a Best Idea nearly two weeks ago.
  • Modest interest in CRI – I’m getting very bearish there. Hoping it blows away the quarter tomorrow.
  • AAP still losing support in the HF community. Two people commented on concern about CFO departure as a nail in the coffin. I’m incrementally bullish here.
  • ORLY consensus is officially that it’s a long term long, and short term short.
  • Big concern about RH guiding to a down comp in the current quarter. I’ll take the over on that one (ie a positive comp).
  • LULU: How the heck can I own this stock after a 65% run and pushing $100? Yeah, I get it. But we’ll need a fundamental catalyst to break it. Not gonna happen.
  • FL sentiment incrementally bullish. “It’s so damn cheap.” Until it’s not at a lower price. This is the new LB.
  • ULTA – sentiment is split down the middle on this one. No apathy. Either hatred or love. I’m emotionless. Only way I can own this is if I can justify a 2,000 store concept at 200-300bp higher GM. Stay tuned for our ULTA Black Book.
  • DKS “it’s so damn cheap” like FL. Incremental long interest. I noted my concern about customer loss bc of how hard Stack is driving the anti-gun crowd.
  • W – questions of valuation (irrelevant) and when growth slows (very relevant). Growth slows in 3Q after today’s Way Day pops top line in 2Q.
  • TGT – would you miss it if it was gone? I disagree with the view that this will go away. There’s both terminal value and equity value here. If things come to a point where TGT goes away then my ‘#retail5.0’ thesis will have shifted into #retail6.0’ about a decade too early.