Editor's Note: This is a brief excerpt from a recent investing webinar. You can view the entire webinar for free right here.

In this brief clip, Hedgeye Housing analyst Josh Steiner explains why America’s housing market may be on the cusp of a major move higher.

According to Steiner:

“The group we’re focused on are the Millennials. And the reason we’re looking at them is twofold. One, because the average age at which someone buys their first home is 32 to 33 years of age. Meanwhile, the average age that they rent their first home is 26 to 27 years old. S, what’s interesting about this slide is if you look at how many more 26 and 27 year olds there are, then 32 and 33 year olds, you should be able to see what’s coming down the pike over the next 5 to 6 years. There is going to be a massive influx of would be first-time homebuyers.”

Click the video above to see the slide and for additional insight.

Millennials May Ignite An Epic Housing Bull Market In 2020 - investing ideas