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Special Webcast | Bitcoin: Boom or Bust Ahead? - HE webinar rc josh graphic DEC2017 CLICK

“A lot of people are talking about bitcoin, but not a lot of people have any idea what they’re talking about.”
-Josh Crumb, currency guru and co-founder of Goldmoney

The debate rages on: Is bitcoin the biggest bubble in human history? The headline-grabbing crypto currency is up over 2,300% in the past year alone.

Join us for a very special discussion on bitcoin today at 1pm ET. In this edition of Real Conversations, currency guru Josh Crumb will cut through the noise during an in-depth discussion with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. (A video replay will be available for all who sign-up for access.)

It will be an incredibly thought-provoking investing discussion on bitcoin, the future of cryptocurrencies, as well as implications for gold and much more.

Topics will include:

  • Will the bitcoin futures tail wag the dog?
  • Could the creation of bitcoin futures trigger a crash?
  • How does bitcoin measure up as a currency?
  • What does the future hold for blockchain and cryptocurrencies?
  • How does bitcoin stack up against Gold?

You don’t want to miss this Real Conversation. CLICK HERE for access.


Mr. Crumb is a co-founder of Goldmoney Inc. and has served as its Chief Strategy Officer and Director since 2014, and it's Chief Financial Officer since 2017. Mr. Crumb was previously an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs - the Senior Metals Strategist in the Global Economics, Commodities and Strategy Research Division in London; a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Coffee Flour, and a Director of Corporate Development at the Lundin Group of Companies.

Mr Crumb holds a Master of Science in Mineral Economics, a Graduate Certificate in International Political Economy, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.