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A Sneak Peek At Hedgeye's 2017 GDP Estimates - boxer victory

The gloves are coming off. There will be blood.

We’re hosting an exclusive HedgeyeTV Q&A between Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and bestselling author and economist Jim Rickards today at 10:45AM ET. (Click here for access.) You won’t find two smarter guys debating the fundamental question about where the U.S. economy is headed next.

  • Rickards says U.S. growth is slowing
  • McCullough says U.S. growth is accelerating

Which is it? You decide. Click here to join us live at 10:45AM ET to listen to the debate and ask McCullough and Rickards

We Say U.S. Growth is Accelerating

A Sneak Peek At Hedgeye's 2017 GDP Estimates - U.S. Real GDP Estimates YoY 4 21 17

The Chart of the Day above shows our GDP estimates versus Wall Street consensus and the Atlanta Fed and New York Fed GDP trackers. As you can see, our estimates (blue line) outstrip all of these forecasts for the balance of 2017.

"Since our GIP Model (Growth, Inflation, Policy) model signaled a shift from trending US #GrowthSlowing to #Accelerating in November 2016, you’ve seen me literally signal buy every damn dip in something like the Nasdaq (QQQ) since," writes Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough in today's Early Look.

That's been a winning strategy. Since Election Day, major U.S. equity indices are up between 10% and 16%. Here's McCullough in the video below further breaking down what we think about U.S. economic growth from The Macro Show yesterday.