Domino's Pizza Earnings: Why Its A Top-Performer In 2016

Domino's Pizza Earnings: Why Its A Top-Performer In 2016 - dominos1

Domino’s Pizza, the American Pizza restaurant chain, reported earnings earlier this week and beat consensus estimates on the top and bottom line, with revenue of $566.7mm vs. consensus of $544.0mm and EPS of $0.96 vs. consensus of $0.90. Hedgeye Restaurants analyst Howard Penney writes that this quarter was another example of what a company can achieve when bringing quality and value to the consumer with the convenience of a single click, text, tweet, or voice command.

Poll Of The Day: What Worries You Most?

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CHART OF THE DAY: An Ominous Signal For U.S. Small Businesses

CHART OF THE DAY: An Ominous Signal For U.S. Small Businesses - 10 19 16 EL loan


As the U.S. economy continues to slow, the nation's banks are turning off the liquidity spigot on small businesses. An ominous factoid: The last time loan volumes to small businesses turned this negative (on a year-over-year basis) it was December 2007, the exact month the U.S. economy tipped into recession. 


Here are the key Chart of The Day takeaways from the Thomson Reuters/PayNet small business data via Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough in this morning's Early Look:


  1. "Small Business Loan Volumes have gone decisively NEGATIVE on a y/y (year-over-year) basis"
  2. "The most recent print is down over -1.5% year-over-year and has been negative y/y in each of the last 3 months"  
  3. "The last time this index looked like this was DEC 2007"


If you run a small business look out. If you're an investor getting long equities into this economic slowdown, go look at returns from October and November of 2007. Those returns might scare some sense into you.


Netflix's Earnings: 6 Things You Need To Know

Netflix's Earnings: 6 Things You Need To Know - nflx

Netflix, the American streaming and entertainment company, reported earnings earlier this week, and the stock jumped as much as 20% in after hours trading as international subscriber growth sharply exceeded guidance. Hesham Shaaban, Hedgeye’s Internet and Media analyst summarized the good and bad of the company’s earnings. 

Cartoon of the Day: No Worries?

Cartoon of the Day: No Worries? - economy cartoon 10.18.2016


Stocks are up so no worries, right?

  • 46 million Americans on Food Stamps
  • College tuition costs rocketing higher
  • Over 94 million Americans outside the Labor Force; and
  • U.S. National Debt approaching $20 Trillion…


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