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Takeaway: All The Right Moves; You're Hired; Benghazi Blame

Editor's Note: Below is a brief excerpt from Hedgeye Potomac Chief Political Strategist JT Taylor's Capital Brief sent to institutional clients each morning. For more information on how you can access our institutional research please email sales@hedgeye.com.

Capital Brief | Trump: "You're Hired" ... & Benghazi Blame - JT   Potomac under 1 mb

"Whatever you are, be a good one."

-Abraham Lincoln


Donald Trump is back on Hillary Clinton’s heels and rallied the faithful delivering an anti-globalization speech in the highly contested rustbelt region. Trump aptly chose a former steel town in western PA for another prepared speech - trashing Republican-backed (and formerly Clinton) at policies promoting free trade (NAFTA, TPP, China), while highlighting the need for an economic renaissance.

In the most detailed economic address he has given to date, Trump slammed Clinton for her insider mentality and for rigging the system, and lamented the downturn working-class families have experienced given the decline in American manufacturing. His shift towards a policy speech has all the right moves, but will a change in style win over a divergence in substance?


Trump’s presidential campaign continues to surprise as he takes integral steps - baby ones - in the right direction. Trump’s campaign announced a handful of new hires in its communications operations as he aggressively tries to match the first-rate team backing Clinton. Better late than never - and more hires are expected to be announced soon - including state directors, surrogates, speech writers and convention advisors.

With Cleveland fast approaching, the unconventional Trump has been hard-pressed by Republicans to move towards a more conventional campaign - we’ll see if these veteran hires put the Trump train back on track.


Republicans delivered the final Benghazi Committee report that criticized the Obama Administration's handling of the 2012 terrorist attack, while Clinton's campaign continues to classify the findings as discredited conspiracy theories. Either way, there are no new significant revelations about the role played by Clinton.

So what’s all the fuss about? The 800-page report is concerning - yet somewhat vanilla - but it's sure to add fuel to the Republican fire throughout the election as they blame Clinton for security lapses leading to the tragic event.