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Takeaway: What to watch on the election 2016 campaign trail.

Below is a brief excerpt from Potomac Research Group Chief Political Strategist JT Taylor's Morning Bullets sent to institutional clients each morning.


GOP Candidates React To Brussels Terror Attack - brussels

The attacks in Brussels will revive terrorism and national security as premier issues in the presidential campaign, likely displacing economic and social issues.  All of the candidates will now focus their strategies and resolve to combat terror, and will play heavily into Donald Trump's game plan. Trump called practically every major news network yesterday morning, highlighting his views on the importance of border control and echoed his previous statements regarding Muslims -- that our country should shut down our borders until we "know exactly what is going on."  Not wasting any time, Cruz trumped him with his call for the policing of Muslim neighborhoods and treating them like gang areas... hmmm


GOP Candidates React To Brussels Terror Attack - chess board

Cruz's team understands the only he can defeat Trump is to beat him on the second ballot at the convention -- when delegates are no longer bound to any one candidate. Cruz would have access to all of Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush's supporters -- while also making a play to steal Trump's and Kasich's delegates. His campaign has been stealthy in targeting Republican kingmakers and state convention delegates well before they pack their bags for Cleveland, looking to secure their support on the second ballot.