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Takeaway: RH secures anchor space at SF Pier 70. KATE lapping 2015 quality of sale initiatives -- one of many tailwinds in 2016.

RH - RH Secures Lease on Historic Landmark Building at San Francisco’s Pier 70


Typical RH maneuver in its backyard of SF. Taking a Flagship spot in a new redevelopment, while being one of the first retailers to sign on the dotted line. Leads to below market rents, in an up and coming retail space. That allows the landlords to attract the right type of cotenants around RH as the anchor.

HedgeyeRetail (2/9)  |  RH Locks Up SF Anchor Space, KATE, NKE - 2 9 2016 chart1

KATE - Running Flash Sale. Same Time As Last Year.

Promotional cadence planned flat in 2016 after 2015 quality of sale initiatives at both wholly owned and wholesale distribution in the US. One of the many tailwinds for the brand as we enter FY16.

HedgeyeRetail (2/9)  |  RH Locks Up SF Anchor Space, KATE, NKE - 2 9 2016 kate2 chart2

NKE - Nike hosting All-Star sneaker events in 4 cities this year where it promises new releases and surprise drops

Another demonstration of the content owner, upstaging its traditional wholesale partners when connecting with consumers.

HedgeyeRetail (2/9)  |  RH Locks Up SF Anchor Space, KATE, NKE - 2 9 2016 chart3


NKE/FL - The footwear business could be entirely software-based in 15-20 years


AMZN - AWS announces Cross-Platform 3D Game Engine Integrated with AWS cloud &Twitch


KORS - Marc Jacobs announces new accessory strategy and price restructuring -- moving leather towards 70% of sales, exceeding Michael Kors' 68.4%


ULTA -  Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty line teams up with Ulta to expand nationwide distribution


SKX - Sketchers to extend contract with US marathoner Meb Keflezighi


Burberry - Fashion shows becoming marketing tool as Burberry will move to a see-now/buy-now collection model -- will no longer unveil clothes six months before they are available in stores


FL - FL trying to create buzz with 2016 World Sneaker Championship partnership -- will sell winning design in stores later this year


LULU - Athletic apparel retailer Yogasmoga, a fast-growing LULU rival, to open first NYC location


SBH - Sally Beauty Holdings has big ambitions for more stores and new services as it hits 5,000-store milestone