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This is a weird one. Street estimates for FY10 are shaking out to be pretty realistic at $1.95, but they’re way too low for the upcoming quarter. Check out our preview note from yesterday for color, but backlog trends have inflected on the positive side, inventories are close to being cleared, FX starts to help COLM in 4Q after a year and a half of hurting, SG&A cuts implemented in late 4Q08 still carry through this quarter, cold-weather gear has been a stand-out in early fall selling, and footwear growth for COLM was the best we’ve seen in over 4-years. Yes, I still have issues with the parts of the company as it relates to brand management, but let’s face it…more is going right than wrong. That’s the first I can say that for COLM in a while. High-single-digit 4Q revenue decline? No way… We’re shaking out at $0.60 vs. the Street at $0.40.