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It was was originally supposed to be a humorous, little Friday morning poke at billionaire Mike Bloomberg's news organization...

Is Keith McCullough Right About News Bias at Bloomberg? - 45

But the polarizing results of this recent Hedgeye/Polstir poll (see below) are startling to say the least. The clear takeaway suggests that a large swath of people don't have a whole lot of confidence in Bloomberg's reporting of U.S. economic news and events.

When asked the question, "Do you think Mike Bloomberg's company tells the truth about the U.S. economy?" an unbelievable 75% of respondents voted NO. While the poll sample is obviously small, it certainly raises eyebrows about the perceived veracity of Bloomberg's version of economic events.

One is left wondering what it all means... Would the numbers hold up and be in the same ballpark if there was a broader sample survey?

Here's the poll: