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Billionaire value investor Mario Gabelli of Gamco Investors sat down with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough in a granular, wide-ranging “Real Conversations” interview to discuss his investment strategy, process and where he sees opportunity right now.

1:51 The Evolution of Gabelli’s Daily Process
3:18 How Do You Look For Value?
4:43 Gabelli’s Simple Approach (we think long-term and function daily)
6:20 Gabelli: We Don’t Do Commodities
8:04 Gabelli: We Had to Go Global
9:15 New Dynamic for Media Companies
11:50 The Knicks and The Rangers are Terrific Content
13:33 Gabelli: Money is Money
14:20 Asset Value of Professional Sports Teams
15:36 Steve Ballmer Buying the Clippers…Not So Nuts?
17:45 How Do You Find Value in a Stock Market that Won’t Go Down?
19:32 Looking At Companies With Wacky Revenue Multiples
21:05 Gabelli: Value Goes Out of Cycle
21:40 Don’t Confuse Bull Markets With Brains