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A picture is usually worth a lot more than my prose, and I have attached an important one below. The picture is from Getty Images, 4 weeks ago – FDIC Chairman, Sheila Bair, looks at Bernanke much the way that I do right now. I think that look on her face is a metaphor for how Americans feel about their Burning Bucks. The Debtors, Bankers, and Politicians are getting paid here. Americans are footing the bill.

Ben Bernanke’s 10AM EST comments out of Jackson Hole delivered exactly what the US Dollar bears ordered – more of the same conflicted compromise for America’s currency. Under the veil of a ridiculous narrative fallacy that this country is experiencing a “Great Depression”, Bernanke is overseeing a monetary policy that is as politicized as this fine country as ever seen. It’s sad.

In his speech, he seemed to be reflecting more on his personal history books about the Great Depression and how he seriously believes that he and this government prevented one. As ridiculously self serving as that is, at the same time he said we are emerging from a “deep global recession.”

Depression or recession? Global or local? How do you go from Great Depression to recovering from a recession?

China is running double digit GDP here in Q3, and Australia’s economy has barely budged to the downside. There was no global economic depression. There was a conflicted constituency of levered long financiers who were depressed. That’s why the only countries with interest rates at an “emergency rates of ZERO” are Japan and what was once the fiduciary of the world’s reserve currency – the United States of America.

In the immediate term, it has paid to be able to proactively predict these American politicians. Buying everything based in bucks has reflated. In the intermediate to long term however, this will not end well.

I have been a buyer of this market’s manic behavior on down moves. Today, I am selling rather aggressively…


Bernanke Panders, Again...  - bernanke21