Poll of the Day Recap: 81% Say Yes, Central Planners Are Destroying America

Takeaway: 81% said YES; 19% NO.

Bestselling, “Death of Money” author Jim Rickards discussed with Keith McCullough on HedgeyeTV last week how central bankers are destroying America.


We wanted to know if you agreed with Rickards, so we asked in today’s poll: Are central planners destroying America?


Poll of the Day Recap: 81% Say Yes, Central Planners Are Destroying America - Capitol in Ruins


At the time of this post, a clear 81% majority said YES; 19% NO.


These YES voters firmly (and even passionately) explained their choice:


  • “Fiscal policy hasn’t been and still isn’t able to induce sufficient real growth, so central bankers are committed to inducing sufficient inflation to attain and maintain a sustainable trend of deficit spending. Current monetary policy of currency devaluation robs the majority of their wealth given their insufficient allocation for greater inflation and understanding of sudden (market sentiment change)/(loss of confidence in the dollar).”


  • “Yes for several reasons, but mainly they have failed at creating the inflation they wanted and instead are getting the inflation you don't want (low wages, higher food prices). The low USD valuation is having long-term effects not just on purchasing power, but on economy/employment because of weak consumer purchasing power. Overall, I agree with Rickards that this is going to cost us our position as world currency leader. And, when that shoe falls, I hope not to be in the country or at least in Oakland, CA.”


  • “A country's currency is the best way to measure its economic strength. But our Fed is deliberately shooting our country on the foot. WTF!!! “


Of those who explained why they voted NO, one person said to “Buck up and play the game,” while another said, “Don't be consensus.”


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