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Takeaway: 61% YES; 38% NO

Shares for Twitter have been tanking amid the company’s disappointing earnings report. Prices are currently hovering around $38.

Poll of the Day Recap: 61% Say $TWTR May Be Down, But It Ain't Out - 6

That’s why we asked you in today’s poll: Will shares of Twitter ever surpass its record high of $74.73?

At the time of this post, an optimistic 61% of voters leaned YES; 38% NO.

Most every YES voter agreed that “ever” is a long time, but ranged in their approximate time it might happen:

  • “It'll definitely hit its $70+ price, probably even within the next 5 years.”
  • “Twitter is a long-term game changer. It got ahead of itself on price, but ‘ever’ is too long to think ‘never.’”
  • “Twitter is a powerful platform that is here to stay. I don't see any other platform capable of taking away their clients (celebrities, media, companies, etc..). That content alone is worth many billions that Wall Street has down played. Twitter will inevitably take this to the next step and monetize.”
  • “Probably back there within 2 years.”
  • “Twitter isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Valuation got ahead of itself. But as the business grows, it likely gets above $75 at some point. Just look at PCLN after the dotcom bubble...”
  • “Could be 10-15 years though!”

Conversely, one NO voter said, “I agree that ever is a long time, but something new will likely come along and replace Twitter.”