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Takeaway: We remain hostage to a bunch of un-elected NYC banking group-thinkers.

“In my career, the Fed has a 100% error rate in predicting and reacting to important economic turns… because it is trying to arbitrarily set the single most important price of the economy – the price of money… setting wage and price controls from the time of Diocletian to Nixon, has proven in every case a disaster for economies and the people entrapped by them.” 

-John Allison

Keith on Forbes: U.S. Remains Hostage - benmoney

Former BB&T CEO John Allison retired from finance in 2010 after building, brick-by-brick, one of the best run banks in American history. As author George Gilder observes in his excellent book, “Knowledge and Power,” Allison steered BB&T through the entire sub-prime crisis without suffering a single quarterly loss. Not one penny. During his almost two-decades at the helm, BB&T blossomed from a small, relatively inconsequential local bank to a $152 billion regional powerhouse successfully operating in 11 southern states and the District of Columbia. Simply put, John Allison knows how to lead.

“[BB&T] had really strong presidents,” according to Allison, redirecting credit to his underlings. “They had a much higher level of authority than our competitors… they were held responsible – they owned the process.”

Now shift your focus from John Allison, visionary business leader, to the Fed Crony Boys over in the “Land of Mediocrity.”

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