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Takeaway: A quick look at some of Keith's top tweets today.

Thanks for the follows - unlike many, we do have bad days, and today was one of them

@KeithMcCullough 4:04 PM

Every decade people think growth can't come back - then growth rips; its behavioral

@KeithMcCullough 3:48 PM

Shorting Japanese Government Bonds may be the most obvious waterfall trade of the yr

@KeithMcCullough 3:28 PM

Being wrong for half a day is a problem - being wrong for half a yr is a nightmare

@KeithMcCullough 3:27 PM

Only Madoff and people with no Timestamps never lose

@KeithMcCullough 1:23 PM

Keith's Top-5 Tweets Today - tweet