Conversations On Google

The surprise release of Google’s third quarter earnings report during market hours today has the Twitterverse abuzz. We went to our @Hedgeye followers, as well as followers of @KeithMcCullough, for their reaction. Here’s what they had to say:


@KeithMcCullough: If someone can pin the $GOOG leak (on the rev/eps miss) to an analyst, whatever is left of the Old Wall is coming down


@firstadopter: Jon Fortt on CNBC: "Google had been calling around for the past couple days trying to prepare analysts for this report not to look so great"


@OwenRogers4: @Hedgeye If as was just stated on cnbc goog had been calling around to prepare analysts is that not serious reg FD violation


@HedgehogTrader: Probably not a good idea. Shoulda waited for Saturday afternoon. RT: @Hedgeye What are your thoughts on the early $GOOGearnings release?


@NorthmanTrader: @Hedgeye the SEC better take a very close look at all the put trades...hard to believe anyone could be that incompetent...


@BreckBooo: @Hedgeye I expect the numbers to look better when released after the bell. : )


@SwingTrader2012: @KeithMcCullough Considered the most technologically advanced company in the universe, GOOG 's financial reporting has a glitch.


@PhattyCorey: @KeithMcCullough do you think someone will actually get caught for this leak or is that bad for this "fair market vacuum system" we have?

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