This morning on The Call @ Hedgeye our Global Tech analyst Felix Wang and Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough unpacked Nvidia (NVDA)’s Q1 Earnings report, which sent shares up 10% today, and what they expect for the stock’s future.

On the somewhat shaky Q2 guidance, “I’m more concerned about Blackwell,” (NVDA’s new upgraded chip) said Wang. “If you want the latest and best product for your AI…, why would you want an outdated chip at the moment? Everybody wants the latest and best product.”

“It’s like iPhone 3 is coming, it’s going to be better. You already have the iPhone 1, why would you buy the iPhone 2?” McCullough added on the issue with the current NVDA chip cycle.

Click above for the full earnings breakdown and what they see for the future.

Wang: $NVDA Blew Away Q1 Results (And Nobody Cared) - Call Banner


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