Unlike some of those laser-eyed types who need “pumps” and “moons,” we offer a #BetterWay to preserve, protect, and compound your hard-earned capital.

It’s not like we’re not allowed to be long some of these things when they go vertical. Our long position in Bitcoin (via IBIT) was up another 4.6% for us yesterday.

This chart from today's Early Look by Keith McCullough shows Moarrr Broadening, Squeezing and Mooning #BSM in the past 24 hours:

  1. Broadening – our new Asset Allocation to SMALL CAPs via Russell Growth (IWO) was up 1.7% yesterday
  2. Squeezing – Goldman’s (their clients) Most Short Basket SQUEEZED another 4.7% higher yesterday!
  3. Mooning – Bitcoin Sensitive Equity Basket is up 19.3% in 2 days!!!

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CHART OF THE DAY: Broadening, Squeezing & Mooning #BSM - cotd


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CHART OF THE DAY: Broadening, Squeezing & Mooning #BSM - All Access Billboard Full Date

CHART OF THE DAY: Broadening, Squeezing & Mooning #BSM - ITTA   FREE ACCESS2 28 24


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