Major shifts could be coming as all-important, Magnificent 7 darling Nvidia (NVDA) reports earnings tonight. As always, Hedgeye’s CEO warns investors to proceed with caution and execute based on our risk management principles.

Example? On rising volatility, Keith McCullough sold all of his allocations in Uranium Miners (URNM, up 30% since it was added to his portfolio on August 17) and moved another Uranium ETF (URA) to his minimum 1% allocation today.

What did worse than Uranium stocks?

“The worst place to have your money was the Bitcoin-sensitive basket (down 4% yesterday), and number two was what Retail owns (down 2.9%),” McCullough explains in this clip from The Macro Show. “Where you really got your ass kicked, worse than Uranium, was this.”

Good news! While McCullough’s signals are less bullish on Uranium, he still maintains 30+ long positions in Portfolio SolutionsClick here to subscribe.

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