A week after economist Daniel Lacalle delivered his perspective from “the future” in a Real Conversation webcastKeith McCullough gazed into a crystal ball of his own today on The Macro Show.

Hedgeye’s Risk Manager in Chief says tonight’s Google (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT) earnings reports could send the S&P 500 soaring. But with odds of a March rate cut falling to 44%, and Apple (AAPL) reporting earnings Thursday, things could quickly come crashing back to reality.

“What if we have this? Crystal, crystal ball – market go up, Colbert even knows it go up. Google, Microsoft, great,” McCullough says. “Tomorrow on the open, the futures are up 100,000 points – whatever they are, whatever you need to tell yourself.”

“Then, the Fed intraday, says what Daryl Jones said (no rate cut), then Apple does what we think they’re doing the day after that. And then it’s not month-end markup anymore.”

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McCullough’s Crystal Ball: “Market Go Up” Tonight, Macro Reality Tomorrow? - TMS Banner