Keith McCullough didn’t mince any words calling out the U.S. government on The Macro Show this morning.

For starters, another $1 trillion was tacked onto America’s national debt in the past four months to goose GDP higher. In addition, the government also understated inflation to arrive at a “better-than-expected” 3.3% GDP growth in 4Q 2023. It doesn’t add up.

“If the government wants you to believe that GDP is 3.33%, with a bullshit inflation number…if the economy’s so good, why are you panicking rate cut?” asks Hedgeye’s CEO.

“It’s turned into a complete circus, and I’m not being political about it,” McCullough adds.

“These numbers aren’t debatable. These numbers are what they are.”

Watch the full clip above.

McCullough: Don’t Be Fooled By U.S. Government’s Economic Numbers - TMS Banner