As 2023 comes to a close, take a look back at our top 10 most-viewed webcasts of the year. All of the links below are now accessible to watch free on demand.


“When you've had it up to here with the morons running the system, you give them the finger and you buy gold.”

During this 100th episode of Real Conversations (in front of an audience at Hedgeye Live), iconoclastic investor Hugh Hendry joined Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on stage to provide a Macro reality check for investors.

Hendry is a market pro, best known for his outspoken commentary leading up to the financial crisis of 2008, a year when his Eclectica Macro hedge fund achieved a 30+% positive return.

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"People now on opinion polls are increasingly tolerant of saying, ‘I think it's OK to have a ruler who breaks the rules.' We no longer trust any of the democratic institutions. The only institutions we trust are the Pentagon and Amazon. Why not just let them take over?”

Bestselling author and Hedgeye Demography analyst Neil Howe teamed up with McCullough on November 14 to talk about how his latest book, The Fourth Turning Is Here, applies to our current global and domestic struggles.

Howe says every cycle of modern human history is composed of four eras – or “turnings” – that always arrive in the same order. The last of these eras – the fourth turning – is always the most perilous. Now, right on schedule, our own fourth turning has arrived.

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“Since 1950, we’ve had 14 Fed tightening cycles and they landed the economy in recession 11 of those 14 times.”

As always, the Hedgeye Investing Summit was filled with actionable insights (half of the webcasts on this list came from this year's Summits) and ideas to fix the economy. The bad news is it's up to the Fed to actually act on them (better luck next year!).

Click here to watch McCullough's conversation with David Rosenberg, founder and president of Rosenberg Research & Associates.

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"We have these narratives, and they all end with the consumers being strong. Which is hooey! The consumer is not strong. The consumer has one by one by one lost pillars of support from Uncle Sam.”

Fan favorite Danielle DiMartino Booth was back by popular demand on Hedgeye webcasts in 2023, joining McCullough on stage at Hedgeye Live and hosting her own webcast in the Hedgeye TV studio with economist Lacy Hunt. 

Topping the list of the QI Research CEO's appearances this year was her conversation with McCullough at Hedgeye Investing Summit.

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"We're sitting here looking at the Mother of All Bubbles across equities, or other asset classes, and systematically, it feels like we're just hunting these sacred cows."

Another repeat Hedgeye guest and contributor, this is one of two Real Conversations with Mike Green to crack our top 10.

Subscribers will also recognize the Simplify Asset Management portfolio manager as one of three partners in Tier 1 Alpha, the firm that provides its research in the Market Situation Report newsletter and webcast.

It's Green's contention that the rise of quantitative trading strategies – delta hedging dynamics, volatility-controlled rebalancing, and market cap distortions – have altered financial markets forever.

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"The Fed has created a hypoglycemic economy. 2010-2020 was when the Fed shoved interest rates down to 0 and quantitatively eased. The problem is, that was the un-natural state. That was the sugar high. Now that interest rates are rising, we’re taking the sugar away, everybody wants it back."

As we approach the four-year mark since Covid-19's spread, it's still common to see the pre-pandemic period used as an economic benchmark. In this Hedgeye Investing Summit interview, Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research, says those days are long gone. Investors who accept that reality will be better off in the years ahead.

“We’re moving onto a different era, and in that process, we’re going to have higher inflation," Bianco says. "That 1-2% inflation world is over.”

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REAL CONVERSATIONS: Dan Rasmussen ON THE Trouble Ahead For Investors

"Anything stupid you did in 2019 ended up being fine in 2020-21 as a result of stimulus. So people learned bad lessons: Chasing fads works, and it doesn't matter how much risk you take. Either multiples go up or you get bailed out."

In a thought-provoking research note on "Private Equity Fundamentals,Dan Rasmussen warned investors that, "Rising interest costs and multiple contraction could spell trouble for institutional investors' favorite asset class."

This note is a must-read for investors who want to stay in the know. In this Real Conversations webcast, the founder and CIO of Verdad Advisers joined McCullough to elaborate and provide solutions for investors going forward.

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"The natural question is ‘OK, Liz Ann, what are you telling your clients to do? Get in or get out?’ I always think, ‘Boy, what a dumb question.’ Neither ‘get in’ nor ‘get out’ is an investing strategy. That’s just gambling on two moments in time, and that’s not what investing is."

Liz Ann Sonders is in high demand as both an interviewer and interviewee. As the quote above shows, some conversations are more productive than others.

The chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab recently invited McCullough onto her own podcast and said her conversations with Hedgeye's CEO rank among her favorites.

Click here to watch the pro-to-pro discussion from Hedgeye Investing Summit.

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"Nobody reads the history. Nobody ever reads the history. So it's our job, not to cry from the top of the mountain, but to warn them. The markets don't see it. They never see it. They're not allowed to see it." 

Mike Green returned for the final Real Conversations webcast of 2023, this time joined by Mike Taylor, hedge fund manager and PM of PINK Shares.

This conversation between McCullough and two Hedgeye fan favorites included valuable insights going into the home stretch of 2023, and a new year filled with potential turmoil.

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"When people use lots of adverbs and adjectives in the 'news' they're reporting, it's a way of presenting a slant ... Effective politicians have always understood this. What's different now is everyone's in on the act."

Distrust in mainstream media continues to climb to new highs. Ben Hunt says that skepticism among the American people is well-earned.

The co-founder and CIO of Epsilon Theory has thoroughly researched media trends, finding repeated occurrences of journalistic malpractice.

Click here to watch Hunt reveal his findings to McCullough at Hedgeye Investing Summit.

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Thank you for watching along with us throughout 2023. We're in the process of finalizing more actionable and insightful investing webcasts for the year ahead. Be sure to check back in so you can catch the top conversations of 2024 when they air live on HedgeyeTV!