Takeaway: This webcast will air Monday, November 27th at 11:00am ET. Replay available after the broadcast.

In this special investing webcast, Keith McCullough explains his Long India vs. Short European Recession call. Keith will discuss the underlying economic data as well as the asset allocations best-suited to take advantage in your portfolio.

Here's how we described this theme in our Macro team's "Q4 2023 Quarterly Macro Themes" presentation from September 28th:

With growth expected to land in the top-half of the Quad Matrix (accelerating) in 4Q23 for India, and with the signal incrementally confirming this trajectory, we continue to favor this international equity exposure on the long side. Accommodative monetary policy is powering real growth acceleration through heightened external demand with both exports and the wave of post-pandemic tourism benefitting from a weaker yen. India is enjoying a comparatively strong fundamental setup with buoyant domestic demand fueled by government spending, moderated commodity prices (excluding Oil), and strong credit growth. Real growth on the European continent is poised to slow through at least 4Q23 as economic gravity imposes itself through the dual vectors of sticky-high inflation (worsened by recent dollar strengthening and energy reinflation) and credit tightening as the global industrial recession continues to focus much of its impact in Europe with manufacturing activity hurting from weakened global goods demand and the new cost-of-capital reality terrorizing Capex plans worldwide.

This webcast will provide an abbreviated sneak peak inside Macro team's flagship "Quarterly Macro Themes" presentation (note: the entire 181-page slide deck and 65-minute webcast is available to Macro Pro subscribers).

If you want edge on how the big trends that will drive portfolio performance over the next 3-6 months, we strongly encourage you to watch "The Outlook." 



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