Still early but June may slow down to HK$18.5-19.5BN

Table gaming revenues for the first 6 days of June were HK$3.728 billion for an average daily rate of HK$621 million, up from the last week of May at HK$544 million.  However, the current pace is not enough to get the full month to the HK$20 billion bogey for total gaming revs.  Based on only one week of data, we are currently projecting HK$18.5-19.5 billion in total gaming revenues for June, up 40-47% YoY but down 17-22% sequentially from May.

Market shares are usually meaningless after only a week of data but for those still interested, they are shown below.  We’ve also added a column that shows each company’s market share for the 3+ weeks since Galaxy opened.

MACAU JUNE MTD - macau  june

MACAU JUNE MTD - macau 3  wk