Fear, polarization, and distrust are playing leading roles in America as the 2024 Presidential Election gets underway. Many people are wondering how we ended up in this position. 

Neil Howe says it’s a product of the Fourth Turning. 

“People are motivated to stay in their tribe by fear. 80-90 percent of Biden voters say if the other side takes charge, America will be unrecoverable. About 80-90 percent of Trump voters think the same thing about Biden,” Howe explains in this clip from The Macro Show today.

“Both sides expect the other side to take away freedoms they enjoy and set America toward a future that is incompatible with anything the other side could possibly tolerate.” 

In Howe’s new bestselling book, The Fourth Turning Is Here, he talks about how this polarization and distrust will continue into the early 2030s and ultimately result in a climax that poses great danger, yet also holds great promise.  

Howe adds: “You’re not going to abide by 51% of the vote when you think everything essential about what you believe in is going to be taken away.” 

Watch the full clip above. 

Neil Howe: Polarizing Presidential Race Is a Product of the ‘Fourth Turning’ - TMS Banner