As the U.S. teeters between Quads 3 and 4, one Hedgeye subscriber expresses a hesitancy to invest. Keith McCullough explains that one country’s macro setup does not apply to every corner of the globe. 

“If you’re a patient macro investor, why would you buy things that are in Quad 3 and 4? Instead, you buy Japan, India and Indonesia,” Hedgeye’s Risk Manager In Chief says in this clip from The Macro Show. “That is clear. Find the things that are bullish trade and trend, find the things I keep buying every bloody day and do what I do. That’s a good start.” 

McCullough also points to one sector, Communications (XLC), as one source of potential growth. In particular, within Communications, Google (GOOG), Meta (META), Pinterest (PINS), Match (MTCH) and Roku (ROKU) are all among Andrew Freedman’s longs, even as Apple (AAPL) and the U.S. economy decelerate in tandem. 

“What you’re looking for is signal strength. I don’t look for rhetoric or a whitepaper on the dollar’s decline,” McCullough adds. “No, that’s not what we do.”  

Watch the full clip above. 

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