There's no shortage of disconcerting economic data in the current #Quad4 macro environment. But if you know where to look, there are still plenty of places to invest.

In this Real Conversation webcast on Tuesday, August 1 at 11:00am ET, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough will speak with founders of three companies thriving in industries most investors would consider outside the box: diamonds, wine and farmland.

This complimentary hourlong conversation will include actionable insights from: 

Take the next step in your "go-anywhere" investing education. Tune into this complimentary webcast live or watch the replay available on demand after the live event.

Cormac Kinney

Unlocking the world’s most valuable natural resource as an investable asset class, Diamond Standard has created the first and only regulator-licensed diamond commodities.

With innovations cited in nearly 4,000 U.S. Patents, Cormac has been the founder of four software startups acquired by public companies. He is a quant finance pioneer who invented heatmaps, designed over 100 institutional trading systems and perfected sentiment analysis for statistical arbitrage, using it to manage over $500 million for Tudor and Millennium. Now, as founder of Diamond Standard, he has solved the challenge of creating a standardized diamond commodity. Delivered as a physical coin or bar, this regulator-approved commodity can be transacted as a token on a blockchain, with diamonds supplied fairly via transparent bids on an electronic diamond exchange.

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Anthony Zhang

Fine wine has long been a cornerstone of wealth generation and preservation. The problem: historically, it’s been reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Vinovest is changing that.

Anthony is a repeat entrepreneur who has previously founded and sold two companies, EnvoyNow and KnowYourVC. He has also held leadership positions at Blockfolio and is a board member at RateMyInvestor.

He grew up in the early- to mid-2000s in Hong Kong and Beijing, where interest in red wine – especially from France – was gaining traction. Wine holds cultural significance, and he was always interested in the fact that as it ages, develops and refines, it becomes rarer and more coveted. Until today, wine collecting has only been truly accessible to the ultra-wealthy. Anthony's goal is to eliminate the time-consuming research and investigation that investors would typically need to conduct before investing in wine.

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Artem Milinchuk

Farmland has outperformed most major assets, including commercial real estate, for over 30 years. FarmTogether provides unparalleled access to farmland investments vetted by rigorous due diligence.

Artem has over 14 years of finance experience in food, agriculture and farmland. Prior to founding FarmTogether, Artem was CFO at Full Harvest Technologies, a fast-growing B2B platform for buying and selling produce. 

He was born in the Soviet Union and raised in Russia. One unique aspect of the culture were the small patches of land most people owned. Unlike today, where people take up gardening as a hobby, Artem said people had to either plant or go hungry. This led to a deeply ingrained belief that land is precious. His goal is to bring good financial tools and creative financial capital to farmers and farmland, and drive large impact for land.

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