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  • Discuss the pushback and feedback from our recent Black Book calls.
  • Provide thoughts for 2023.
  • Discuss 4Q22 earnings.
  • Discuss the most common and noteworthy inbounds we have received in the past month.
  • Revisit changes to our Position Monitors.
  • Provide updates on some of our best ideas.
  • Discuss recent trend changes in consumer spending.


  • Date & Time:  Friday, February 24 @ 10AM ET.
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In the month of January, Colorado recorded ~$112M in cannabis sales, which represents a sequential decline of 6.1% and a YoY decline of 13.6%. Unit volumes in the month were down 5.5% sequentially and down 5.9% YoY.  The average price per unit was only down 0.6% sequentially and down 8.2% YoY. Across the board, January saw sales down compared to December, but pricing wasn't down nearly as much as we have seen in previous months. 

Cannabis Insight | Q&A Call Today, CO Trends, WA, Discrimination  - 2.24.2

Discrimination In Cannabis 

The state of Washington legalized adult-use cannabis in 2012, but today, employers in the state can still screen applicants for their use in cannabis products. The states Senate passed a bill yesterday barring hiring discrimination for cannabis use. If Senate Bill 5123 becomes law, Washington would join several other states (Nevada & California) that have enacted laws shielding employees from workplace penalties for off-duty cannabis use. The states House of Representatives still need to vote on the bill inorder for it to be signed into law. The bill does fall short of other states efforts because employers can still drug test for cannabis once on the job, but this is a step in the right direction. 

Cannabis Insight | Q&A Call Today, CO Trends, WA, Discrimination  - 2.24.3