Takeaway: We in health care long ago grew weary of the bright shiny things that are going to fix health care. Is AI another one or something else?

Recently Ardent Health, a private, for-profit, 30 hospital system, announced a collaboration with Swtichpoint Ventures to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions for their company.  Innovation is not what health care is known for - and for good reason. Like carpenters, clinicians must measure twice and cut once. The consequences of mistakes are so dire, few humans are willing to defer to a machine. Looking at you, Olive. It is not how they are trained anyway.

Notwithstanding the sheer stupidity of some asset allocation by certain over-resourced funds, health care desperately needs innovation. If feels like in just the last month or two, health care executives and hospital administrators have awoken the reality we have been pointing out for almost a year. The American workforce has been irreversibly altered. Since health care runs on people it faces a unique challenge.

Join Marcus and I as we break it down here in the early innings.

Thursday February 16th @ 10am ET (Add to Outlook Calendar)

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Call Invite Feb. 16th @ 10am | Venture View with Marcus Whitney: The Hope of Artificial Intelligence - marcus whitney 

About Marcus: 

Marcus Whitney, a leader in healthcare innovation, was inspired to create Jumpstart Nova after reflecting on his experience as a Black healthcare venture investor, and the success his company had in both finding and investing in Black healthcare entrepreneurs.  

A founding partner of Jumpstart Health Investors, an established healthcare venture platform that has supported seven funds with over 150 portfolio companies, he was the initial architect of the algorithm used to evaluate over one thousand early-stage healthcare companies for consideration by Jumpstart Foundry, the firm’s pre-seed index fund. From 2015-2018, Marcus was Founder and CEO of the Health:Further conference, where he supported the growth of Jumpstart Health Investors’ network with thousands of leaders in health innovation. 

Prior to his career in venture capital, Marcus was the Director of Technology and a Partner at Emma Email Marketing, a pioneering cross-industry virtual marketing platform, which was later acquired by global technology company Campaign Monitor. Marcus also Co-Founded Clariture Health in 2013, a HIPAA compliant digital ad management platform acquired by Trilliant Health in 2017.  

Marcus is the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book “Create and Orchestrate”, about claiming your Creative Power through entrepreneurship.  

Marcus is co-founder and minority owner of Major League Soccer team, Nashville Soccer Club, as well as a member of the board of Celtic Bank, the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum, the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation, and Launch Tennessee.

Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy